Join us at Current Issues in Palliative Care 2024 for a day of fascinating talks, open discussion and collaborative learning. 

CIPC 2024 is a full-day, in-person event to bring together physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals working within the areas of oncology, pain, dementia and palliative medicine.

If you are passionate about palliative care, this is the event to develop your clinical practice, discuss the latest issues and treatments, and share your ideas and experiences working in end-of-life care.

Why attend?

Get up-to-date on important developments and strengthen your understanding of end of life care for different groups

Exchange ideas, discuss key challenges and connect with colleagues and leading experts in palliative care

Explore new techniques for managing symptoms and medication side-effects

A breakout session focussing on paediatric palliative care - included in your ticket at no extra!

Who should attend?

Palliative care physicians, nurses and HCPs

Pain specialist nurses and physicians

Oncology and terminal illness specialists

Clinicians specialising in neurodegenerative conditions

Dementia and geriatric nurses and physicians

Hospice nurses and care assistants

Discounts available for groups of 4 or more!